Ransomware Risk Increasing for Business & Individuals

Ransomware Risk Increasing for Business & Individuals

Princeton, NJ - February 12, 2016  - Ransomware (aka crypto-ransomware or crypto locker) risks and exposure expected to grow.

What is Ransomware?  Ransomware is what most people put under the same umbrella as virus.  It’s a piece of software that is installed on your computer which stops you from using your computer.  For businesses this generally spreads throughout the network infecting all machines and servers on the network.  The software is designed to lock your system and encrypt your files so you can’t access either until you pay a ransom.  Some variants of ransomware are also known as FBI Moneypack or the FBI Virus because many of them use logos similar to, or copied from the FBI.

For more technical and demographic information see Threat Analysis article on Ransomware published on the NJ Cybersecurity website.

The most prevalent ransomware today is Crowti (aka Cryptowall) and FakeBsod (Fake Blue Screen).  Well over 1 million machines were infected with just these two variants by January 2016.

To prevent and protect against Ransomware you should…

  • Install updated Anti-Virus software
  • Install updated malware protection software
  • Regularly update all security software (continuously is best)
  • Avoid clicking on links or attachments within emails if you don't recognize the sender or if the message looks suspicious
  • Enable pop-up blocking in your web browser
  • Never open files from sources you don't trust (including websites, emails, or pop-ups)
  • Always have an automated backup process in place to protect your files should you get infected

For those that would like to outsource this tedious responsibility, Blueclone has basic PC Maintenance plans designed to secure and maintain your computers and servers along with several other recommended maintenance and protection services for business.  For organization that use cloud file sharing, Blueclone has options far superior and secure which are not affected by ransomware like most other commercial cloud file services which tend to be vulnerable and often attacked.

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