Managed IT Services – Complete Computer Care (PC & Laptop)

Comprehensive, Proactive Maintenance & Support for Computers, Workstations & Desktops

Like your vehicle, your computer needs constant monitoring and maintenance to perform its best and to keep your information safe and secure. Ignoring alerts and system messages from your computer is like ignoring the Check Engine light in your car. The problem just gets worse, it runs poorly, and is more expensive to fix the longer you wait. Your computer system requires the same quick attention and service.

If left unmonitored, computers and the network their attached to, will inevitably lose data, slow down, become a security risk, or simply fail. This leads to unexpected downtime, idle employees, lost productivity, lost revenue, a poor business image, and most importantly today it impacts your ability to operate your business at all.

Blueclone has made it easy for your organization to monitor, maintain, and fix all your computer systems the way they should be. Our Complete Desktop Care Plan eliminates the frustrations of trying to manage your IT systems internally or using an outside hourly IT consultant. We believe that any organization with as little as 5 computers and up to 2500 workstations can benefit from our Managed IT Services.

How Complete Desktop Care works

We install advanced software on your desktop machines, then monitor several critical areas as well as hundreds of non-critical areas. If something comes up that needs attention, we take corrective action, in most cases before you even know something is wrong.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is extremely important for a secure and smooth running system. Your computer will be maintained according to strict guidelines. We clean temp files, patch & update Microsoft Windows, monitor Anti-Virus software, monitor disk & memory usage, and much more. We’ve even included Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware in our service so you don’t have to purchase or maintain anti-virus software for each PC.

Remote IT Support & Remote Access

Complete Desktop Care comes included with a LogMeIn Pro-2 account for each PC with service enabled. If your responsible for office PCs and want to access them remotely (or allow your employees to work from home), now you can easily and securely. That also means if employees need computer support, you’ll get them help quickly. Blueclone can also act as your Computer Help Desk Service eliminating the hassle and expense of performing this internally, and eliminating the need for hourly consultants and internal staff.

Reports and Documentation

Every month we’ll give you a general idea of how your computers are running, any issues that came up, and what was performed. You can also request detailed reports of what is really going on in your network. You’ll never get this from an hourly IT consultant, and it’s impossible for internal staff to provide this without expensive software and tons of man hours entering and managing this data.