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Disaster recovery plans to keep you operational through any downtime event

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To be in business is to rely on data: making schedules, taking orders, serving customers, and marketing your services. And since natural disasters, cyberattacks, and other events are increasingly common and unpredictable threats to your business, you need a comprehensive plan that protects your data and keeps you running, or you could join the many businesses that close down after a disaster.

Blueclone offers complete solutions to maintain business continuity in the event of unplanned interruptions, no matter the size or industry of your organization. Our experts will customize a comprehensive, simple recovery plan to your needs, leveraging best-in-class hardware and software solutions to make sure your data, systems, networks, and devices are secure, available, and compliant.

We keep your business running with:

  • Comprehensive solutions, like encrypted cloud storage, document archiving, and e-vaulting services
  • Business impact analysis (BIA) to evaluate the urgency of downtime
  • Automatic, easily restorable cloud backups of data, systems, and software
  • Recovery time objectives (RTOs) to determine your optimum recovery technology
  • A clear-cut, rapid recovery process that minimizes downtime