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Did you know that over 44% of Network Managers assert that unsound cabling, inexpensive materials, or poorly terminated wiring is the cause of their unexplained network issues? Without high-quality, expertly designed and installed structured cabling, your business can suffer from poor network performance, more costly maintenance and expansion, and equipment damage.

Trust your structured cabling to Blueclone because we’re not just cabling experts, we’re also technology experts, meaning we take a more strategic approach to your cabling installation than your standard cabling company. We consider your business growth, technology shifts, and various configurations in your design and installation to future-proof your infrastructure for easier maintenance, along with improved network performance and scalability.

Improve your network operations, scalability, and spending with our cabling services that:

  • Determine the best approach, most efficient routing, code adherence, and project management particulars
  • Consider load balancing, redundancy, additional subnets, surveillance, VoIP phones, secondary ISP, equipment, and many other factors for a comprehensive design
  • Are certified to meet manufacturer specifications and exceed industry standards set by IEEE, ANSI (The American National Standards Institute), and TIA/EIA (Telecommunications Industry Association/Electronic Industry Alliance)
  • Are approved by the State of New Jersey, Office of the Attorney General – Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors for Telecommunications Wiring Exemption

Blueclone provides a Central NJ Cabling Installer
for the following wiring types:

  • Server Room Cabling
  • Computer Rack Cabling
  • Category 5 | CAT 5
  • Category 5e | CAT 5e
  • Category 6 | CAT 6
  • Category 6e | CAT 6e
  • Category 7 | CAT 7
  • Office Wiring
  • Plenum Cabling
  • Fiber Cabling Installation
  • Outdoor & Indoor Fiber Optic Cable
  • Single-Mode & Multimode Fiber
  • ST/SC Connections
  • Wall & Rack Mount Termination Cabinets
  • CCTV Hard Wiring
  • Audio Cable
  • Coax Cable
  • Video Cable
  • Long-Range HDMI
  • Long-Range USB
  • Category 3 | CAT 3
  • VoIP Lines
  • Telephone Lines
  • POTTS Lines
  • Fiber Optic Alternatives via Wireless
  • Long-Range Gigabit Performance over the air
  • Building to Building (Point to Point)
  • Outdoor Spread & Narrow Beam up to 45+ km
  • Enterprise & Public Safety