Email Security & Compliance NJ

Communicate with confidence knowing your networks and client data are safe and you’re in line with stringent government and industry regulations

Email is the most common delivery method of the costliest cyberattacks: phishing, ransomware, credential theft — the list goes on. And they are becoming more sophisticated and damaging every single day. The average cost of downtime from a ransomware attack is $141,000*.

But MailProtect from Blueclone can keep your business protected. Our software filters inbound and outbound emails for spam, viruses, phishing attacks, and more. If any exist, they are automatically quarantined and eliminated, and the senders can be easily blocked, preventing any future attacks.This means nefarious links can’t be opened by your unsuspecting employees, and that malware via cleverly disguised impostor emails can’t infect your network.

Ensure your emailing is always safe, compliant, and productive with our:

  • Advanced encryption feature so your outbound emails can't be hacked during transmission
  • Custom sending and retention policies for data leakage prevention, archiving, and eDiscovery to easily meet regulatory requirements
  • Intelligent tools that capture data and create useful trend reports
  • Email continuity to keep messages flowing during partial network outages
  • Sent message testing that uncovers and prevents hackers attempts to hijack your email server
  • Scalable, unlimited cloud storage and retention as your business grows

Enhance Your Email Security & Compliance

Add critical solutions that will keep your emails secure.




Accurate Email Filtering

Icon-based scoring indicators clearly communicate various levels of safety.

Detailed Analytics

Quickly see why an email was held and determine if the sender is trustworthy.

Block Attachments

Stop sensitive information or file leaks from slipping out undetected.

Protect Your Reputation

Prevent embarrassing spam from being sent from within.

High Security

Messages are encrypted using AES-256 standards and geographically distributed keys.

Unrivaled Flexibility

Send secure encrypted email and safely transfer files from any email app or web browser.

Award Winning & Hassle-Free Email Protection

Email-based threats to the security of your business continue to grow increasingly sophisticated as
spammers innovate new tactics for evading spam and virus filtration systems. Our email security and compliance solutions protect you from both external and internal threats, and all without complicating your email platform. You'll get a host of new tools to take your email platform to the next level and keep you safe from emerging and evolving threats.