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Microsoft Windows 10 Version 1507 Security Updates Ending

Princeton, NJ - May 09, 2017  - Microsoft Windows 10 ver. 1057 Quality Updates & Security Updates ends All software products have a lifecycle.  After May 9, 2017, Microsoft will end security and quality updates for their Windows 10 Version 1057 Operating System. Computers running the Windows 10 Version 1057 will continue to work even after updates end. However, using unsupported software may increase the risks [...]

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Support for Windows Vista Ending April 2017

Princeton, NJ - March 17, 2017  - Microsoft Windows Vista EOL Microsoft is Ending Support for Windows Vista All software products have a lifecycle.  After April 11, 2017, Microsoft will end support for their Windows Vista Operating System. Post April 2017, Windows Vista will no longer receive: Security updates Non-security hotfixes Free or paid assisted support options Online technical content updates from Microsoft Computers [...]

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Amazon Web Services S3 Outage | February 28 2017

Princeton, NJ - February 27, 2017  - AWS S3 Down Amazon Web Service (AWS) S3 Storage Services Interruption Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 having issues today, February 28, 2017 affecting many thousands of websites and portals.  Widespread service outages on the AWS S3 service led to partially or fully broken websites, apps and devices that rely on the service. [...]

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FBI Warns rise of Internet Romance Scams

Princeton, NJ - February 14, 2017  - Online Romance Scams Internet Romance Scams on the Rise The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released an notice addressing and increase of online “romance scams”.  A Romance Scam generally involves cyber criminals who target victims, gain their confidence, and trick them into sending money. For more information visit the FBI’s website:  FBI [...]

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Massive Cyber Attack | DDoS DNS Server Attack

Princeton, NJ - October 21, 2016  - Large scale DDoS attack to US DNS Servers HUGE CYBER ATTACK ON U.S. DNS Servers Today there were numerous reports of websites, services, machines, and phone systems working slow, incorrectly, or not at all.   The problem appears to have stemmed from a large-scale DDoS attack.  The October 21 2016 DDoS attack falls [...]

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Office 365 Down | Is Office 365 Email Not Working

Princeton, NJ - June 30, 2016 (11:57AM EST | Updated below) - Microsoft Office 365 customers having issues. OFFICE 365 DOWN | NORTH EAST US We have received several reports of Office 365 email issues.  Blueclone clients who have hosted email through Blueclone are put on Hosted Exchange Servers, not Office 365 so your service is not directly affected.  If you are [...]

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Ransomware Risk Increasing for Business & Individuals

Princeton, NJ - February 12, 2016  - Ransomware (aka crypto-ransomware or crypto locker) risks and exposure expected to grow. What is Ransomware?  Ransomware is what most people put under the same umbrella as virus.  It’s a piece of software that is installed on your computer which stops you from using your computer.  For businesses this generally spreads throughout the network infecting [...]

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Microsoft Ended Support – Windows 8 AND Internet Explorer 8, 9 & 10

Princeton, NJ - January 14, 2016  - Microsoft Windows 8 End of Life Reached. As of Tuesday, 01/12/16 Microsoft will no longer release bug fixes, enhancements or security patches for Windows 8 and IE (Internet Explorer) versions 8, 9, and 10. Microsoft recommends users of those products to advance to the latest version of Windows (Win 10), which includes a new built-in browser [...]

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Microsoft Update Crashes Outlook & Causes Sign-In Black Screen

Princeton, NJ - November 12, 2015  - Microsoft Update (KB 3097877) causing Outlook Crashing and login-errors. On November 11 Microsoft released KB 3097877 which was part of Security Bulletin MS15-115.  Unfortunately for many users installing the update caused Outlook crashing when opening certain emails and a black screen when trying to login to a domain (corporate network).    Outlook freezing [...]

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National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2015

Princeton, NJ - October 20, 2015  - October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month! More and more of millions of Americans and businesses are victimized by online hackers.  As technology advances and the internet becomes increasingly "required" for every day life, business and government - the threats become increasingly prominent and dangerous.  In the early years of the internet Enterprise and Government [...]

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