Hosted VoIP NJ

In today’s always-on marketplace, dynamic internet-based calling isn’t a competitive advantage, it’s a necessity. Utilizing it effectively can provide massive resource savings and give your business an edge in the form of increased employee productivity, operational agility, and customer service quality. It may seem daunting to try and achieve these goals without deep industry knowledge, but that's where Blueclone comes in.

Regardless of your organization’s size, industry, office location, or number of employees, Blueclone can customize cloud-based telecom systems and services to your needs. Your new VoIP system will transform your communications and improve all aspects of your operations. You’ll enjoy enterprise-grade solutions that cut costs and deliver advanced features for improved operational efficiency and better business outcomes, all with world-class support from Blueclone’s expert technicians.


Dramatically cut telecom spending and enjoy crystal-clear local and long-distance voice and video communication, e-faxing, SMS, and more, from any internet-connected device, all with VoIP from Blueclone

With our VoIP solutions and services, you can improve profitability thanks to:

  • Telecom bills reduced by up to 50%
  • Seamless communication as all channels and methods are unified onto a single platform
  • On-demand scalability that lets you easily add users to meet demand
  • Countless features that improve productivity like auto-attendant, conference bridge, call transcription, and more
  • Swift integration into your existing infrastructure for immediate results
  • 24/7/365 monitoring, support, and proactive maintenance, so you always get the most advanced versions and optimal performance
  • More office space from eliminating bulky hardware
  • No expensive upfront installation, hardware, or maintenance costs
  • Our ability to serve all industries, including the private sector, municipalities, and government

No matter your current type of telephony, we have a solution that can enhance your business communication

Hosted VoIP Service (Virtual PBX)

Feature-rich, cloud-based phone systems hosted and managed by Blueclone

On-Site PBX Systems

Not sure a virtual PBX is right for your business, but still want the advantages of VoIP technology? No problem!

Blueclone offers managed, on-site hardware and IP technology solutions. You’ll get significant cost savings, advanced call routing, and extensive call center operations that can be managed remotely without a dedicated staff constantly monitoring voice operations.

Contact Blueclone and we'll discuss how an on-site VoIP PBX could meet your needs.


IP Gateway & Dial Tone Service

IP Dial Tone service and all the advanced features, integrated into any kind of existing legacy phone system

Blueclone’s SIP business trunking services enables IP communications between enterprise PBX and the PSTN. You’ll get the capabilities of a cloud-based phone system, like SMS, voicemail-to-email transcription, e-faxing, and CRM/Desktop integration, without having to completely transition to a hosted solution.

Contact Blueclone to find out if our SIP trunking is right for your business.


Easy setup

All you need is a broadband internet connection. Follow our guided setup online and download the Nextiva mobile app. Got VoIP phones? Just plug them in.

Award-winning support

No other VoIP provider comes close to our Amazing Service. Customers rave about our friendly customer support. Five consecutive Stevie awards say something.


Our product experts offer on-premise training, live video conferencing, and one-to-many webinars to get the most out of your business calling plan.

Phone Solutions That Work For You

No waiting to install your telephone service. Advanced features that improve your workflow and even tell you why someone is calling before you take their call. Our VoIP phones work perfectly on almost any high-speed internet connection and all you'll have to do is plug them in. As digital transformation continues to impact how businesses interact with their customers and employees, it's crucial to have the right tools for your business.