Exchange Email Server NJ

Reliable access to your emails and Outlook data from any device, any location

Because it is one of your business’s primary means of communication, your email server must be secure, agile, and reliable to accommodate today’s IT challenges. Cutting corners by sharing a server with other businesses can decrease your speed, drive up costs of storage space, limit your control, and leave you open to cyberattacks. With an unreliable email server, you face high security risks and poor productivity, while your customers and employees are constantly left frustrated by slow response times.

Blueclone can turn these risks into opportunities with a hosted Microsoft Exchange server. We’ll host and manage your dedicated email platform in the cloud for you, integrating all your Outlook data for a smooth transition. Your employees will be able to access the most up-to-date versions of their calendars, tasks, and more, from any device at any location seamlessly. And, with granular controls at the policy level, your designated Exchange administrator can quickly customize user access and mailbox limits for large numbers of people. All of these advanced features are backed by stringent security and guaranteed uptime, so your employees will be more productive and secure, and your operations more agile.


Our 100% uptime guarantee (the highest in the industry) means your email server will always be secure, cost-effective, and productive

With Blueclone managing your Microsoft Exchange server for you, you’ll enjoy a host of benefits, including:

  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed
  • Continuous monitoring, testing, and backups of your email so you never lose data or productivity
  • Calendar and contact sharing for simplified appointment management and communication
  • More time and money as we cut hardware fees and maintenance
  • Enhanced security with multilayered features at the server and mailbox level
  • Automatic synchronization of all Outlook data for seamless access across devices
  • Simplified task management for greater efficiency across people and teams
  • Automatic patching and updates for effortless maintenance and maximum security