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Blueclone is serious about providing innovative, cost-cutting IT that always works FOR you, not against you

But you don’t have to take our word for it

Staff is very knowledgeable & responsive

I manage a business that works together with telecom, IT, and energy companies on a daily basis so I am very familiar with many computer support companies and consultants in the Philadelphia Metro area. Countless will claim that they are “the area’s expert”, “most trusted”, or “better than the other which is why it was hard to find one I that I could really trust with all my customer and financial data… but once I discovered Blueclone Networks my view changed. Blueclone easily showed me the value of their services and supported their claims with detailed reporting. I decided to give them a try and initially hired them to secure the data on my business computers.

I’m confident my systems are safe and I could not be happier. I never have to worry about lost data, virus attacks, or computer crashes. Blueclone’s offsite back-up service is high caliber, completely automatic, and provides Capable Communications with the reassurance that we will never lose client data with daily reporting. We’ve hired Blueclone for computer support needs, website development, cabling, and other IT initiatives. Their staff usually responds within minutes and they go out of their way to help us keep our business running smoothly. In fact, we like Blueclone so much we’ve made them one of our premier partners!

Managing Director
Capable Communications | Freehold, NJ

Secure Online Server Backup

We needed an affordable, yet robust solution to ensure our critical systems were protected and secured with good reporting capabilities for auditing purposes. Hiring Blueclone Networks was an easy decision for our start-up company. Blueclone worked around our unique IT systems to ensure proper implementation of their backup solution, CloneAgent Pro.

Now we have comprehensive backup protection for our systems that is always up-to-date, automatic, and easy to configure when we need to make changes. Knowing we have a secure network along with Blueclone’s professional ongoing support enables us to focus on our business.

President & CEO
Essential Pharmaceuticals | Ewing, NJ

Saves us valuable time and makes us more efficient

Our business was experiencing constant computer problems. Many computer & network issues prevented us from printing, sharing resources, and working effectively.

Blueclone Networks analyzed our network, quickly understood our business process, and offered recommendations and economical remediation paths that made sense for our business. They cleaned up our systems, performed upgrades, and solidified our network. Now we have a smooth running network, better performing computers, and the best part – no headaches. We use Blueclone’s remote computer support service because they are highly dependable, quick and it greatly reduces and prevents downtime. Their computer service is excellent and saves us valuable time.

Blueclone’s team is dependable, professional, and so easy to work with. By far the best Computer Service in Princeton we’ve used and we highly recommend Blueclone Networks

SagePoint Financial | Princeton, NJ

Reduced our medical practice costs and provides excellent network support

Our medical office had many technology issues including internet connectivity, server problems, slow computers, and firewall glitches. We often spent many hours a week troubleshooting, updating and attempting to get everything working right.

I turned to Blueclone Networks for help. They performed a comprehensive audit of my office. They reprogrammed our firewall, ran new Ethernet cabling, installed network storage, upgraded our phone service and cleaned up all our systems. They reduced our internet service costs over 60% at the same time increasing our speed over 500%. They reduced our phone bill 35% and migrated us to a full featured, hosted PBX system that provides enterprise phone features. They even provide wireless internet access for patients in our waiting room.

Our medical practice uses Blueclone’s Computer Management Services to ensure all our computers are protected, updated, remotely accessible and working their best. Blueclone monitors our systems 24/7 and provides incredible remote computer support. Their team is extremely knowledgeable, fast, and highly recommended. Now we enjoy stable systems, quick internet, and a lighting fast network. Best of all, we don’t have to worry and we’re not staying late any more due to computer problems. Without hesitation I highly recommend Blueclone Networks to any physician or medical office in the Princeton area.

Dr. Toma
Practice Owner
Cornelius Toma MD | Mercerville, NJ

Plays a critical part of our operation

When it comes to support of our computer systems, I was very skeptical of handing the responsibility to an outside company. It certainly made financial and operational sense as opposed to hiring dedicated staff but since I oversee a business that’s regulated by the FDA it’s risky for us to trust just any company. Our systems need to run smooth without downtime or “glitches” and when we need support, we can’t wait around for an IT guy to call us back at his convenience. So we chose Blueclone Networks.

Blueclone has delivered for many, many years the quality of service we demand and has given us peace of mind knowing our systems are constantly monitored and proactively maintained so we can focus on improving drugs, not computers. Their support team can always be reached when needed – a critical requirement for us. They’re quick to respond, very efficient, and extremely knowledgeable but most importantly – straightforward and downright honest! Blueclone enables us to consistently predict and keep our technology costs in line with our business year after year even as technology changes.

President & CEO
Abeille Pharmaceuticals | Plainsboro, NJ

Extremely fast. Technical expertise is top notch

As a law enforcement professional, I have absolute confidence in the technical response capabilities of Blueclone Networks. The speed of service and abilities of their technical know-how is second to none.

solution was almost immediately forthcoming. Their understanding of the complexities in dealing with law enforcement is exceptional. Their willingness to “go the extra mile” was beyond any of my expectations.

Criminal Intelligence Unit
Newark Police | Newark, NJ

Recovered us from a Server Crash within a few hours

We needed a solid backup solution but without the hassle, something we could “set and forget”. We also wanted dependable Computer Support and a trustworthy Web Site Developer. We turned to Blueclone Networks who provides a wonderful backup solution, the best Computer Support in the area, and excellent website services.

Knowing that we have access to a great company we can turn to for computer problems and that our data is continuously backed up allows me sleep better. In fact, I know first hand how well Blueclone’s online backup works because we had a major server crash due to hard drive failure. After the hardware was repaired we restored all our server data and we were fully operational and running within only a few hours!

Max Weiner Fine Jewelers | Philadelphia, PA

Drastically changed our website presence bringing us many new clients

Our center was looking to grow our customer base by taking advantage of the internet. We wanted a website to bring awareness, educate visitors, and increase our business leads. A customer of ours recommended Blueclone Networks – an exceptional recommendation.

Blueclone took the time to learn about our business, meet our staff, and understand what we envisioned. They developed an excellent website which is clean, exactly what we wanted, and for a competitive price. They set up automatic reporting showing us who visits our site and how people are finding us.

Their team is so easy to work with. They understand how to translate regular business needs into technical solutions and provide excellent support and service. We were extremely happy with the entire process and our customers continue to provide positive feedback about our website. We highly recommend Blueclone Networks for Computer Services in Lawrenceville, NJ.

Managing Member
Lawrenceville Acupuncture Center | Lawrenceville, NJ

The best computer support near Hamilton NJ hands down!

We depend on stable computer systems and technology so we simply can’t afford downtime or slow running computers. We used to experience sluggish computers, internet problems, viruses, data loss, and Ethernet wiring problems.

Blueclone visited our site, learned about our business, and made recommendations based on our conversation and a quick site audit. They cleaned up our computer wiring and fixed our internet so that it runs smoothly and much quicker. Our computers were cleaned, upgraded and tweaked so that they run their fastest. Now everything runs so much better. Hiring Blueclone Networks was an easy decision, and the best IT Support vendor we’ve ever used, period!

We depend on Blueclone’s Computer Management Service to ensure our systems run smoothly, remain protected, are continually updated, and are remotely accessible via the internet. Blueclone’s help desk service acts as our IT department. They always answer the phone live and provide great, instant remote support. No other Computer Service in Hamilton, NJ compares!

Pintinalli Incorporated | Hamilton, NJ

Clean, effective website design & SEO that brings us new business

Our shop has been around for over 45 years but without a company website. We wanted to update our image and have a home on the internet to compete with most companies today.

After many great recommendations, our team chose Blueclone Networks. They worked with us to develop our site content, layout, search engine optimization, corporate logo, and graphics editing. We basically said make us a site.

Blueclone delivered a clean website that loads fast, looks remarkable, and gets customers in our door! Their team is a pleasure to work with, finished our website ahead of time, and gave us the guidance we needed since we’re not computer experts. Like so many others, we definitely recommend Blueclone Networks for website design and business computer services in Philadelphia.

Coffman’s Service Station | Warminster, PA

Stands above the rest of NJ based IT companies

As a Telecom Professional, I’ve worked for some large publicly traded companies. During this time I’ve been introduced to many technology companies. Finding one to use personally proved to be difficult. There are so many to choose from in the central New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania area that it becomes overwhelming and hard to know who truly is an “expert”.

About 10 years ago my view changed. I was trying to access my office network from home. At the time my employer was a large enterprise so all of its IT support was handled onsite or over the phone if traveling. Between calling my company’s help desk, my ISP, and the manufacturer of my router for help, I became completely frustrated and upset. I turned to a client of mine for advice who was managing the IT department for an international pharmaceutical company. That’s how I became aware of Blueclone Networks. To my surprise they diagnosed the issue within 20 minutes of arriving. Turned out I had a defective router and my ISP was blocking some ports.

Since then I have used Blueclone Networks for several projects. Each time they tell me how long things will take, what will happen, and they deliver in a timely manner. I’m always fascinated with their overall professionalism whether they’re delivering services, scoping out the work, presenting their solutions, or during final implementation. I have 100% trust in Blueclone with my most essential and confidential IT needs. I have recommend Blueclone to my customers and will continue to do so.

Senior Telecom Professional
Various Public Companies | Conshocken, PA

Backed up & restored company data several times saving my business

I’m an attorney, owner of The Virtual Law Firm which is located in Pennsylvania. Documents and email records related to my practice are contained within a notebook computer that I depend on to operate my firm. I simply can’t afford to lose my files as they are the life of my business. Backing …Read More

The Virtual Law Firm | Philadelphia, PA

International Help Desk

Blueclone is truly a responsive computer support company with an excellent understanding of branding and profiling. They provide extraordinary technical competence mixed with creativity and business insight – which is rare and challenging to find.

While my company is based in Europe, Blueclone’s …Read More

Chairman & President
European Private Equity & Venture Association | Monaco

Changed our business without ever stepping on site

ICE Factor’s infrastructure and computer systems desperately needed an upgrade and without a dedicated employee to turn to we required the help of a consultant. After some research and a few recommendations, we turned to Blueclone Networks in Princeton, NJ. As a Chicago-based business, we were …Read More

ICE Factor | Chicago, IL

Blueclone is a trusted adviser with a great reputation in Central NJ

We wanted our salon to have a distinct feel for the business community that we serve, and we required a unique value proposition that would distinguish our salon from the others in the Princeton Area. We looked to Blueclone Networks to help us develop and implement a wireless network so that our clients could come and enjoy our services and yet still stay connected to business world.

The Blueclone Networks team was fast, professional and knowledgeable in determining the best way to integrate a network that worked with the designs of our business. We see them as a trusted adviser and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other small and medium size companies that desire big company type support. Despite the size of our company, Blueclone gave us the same service as if we were a Fortune 500 firm.

VP of Business Operations
Great Looks Salon | Lawrenceville, NJ

The only Computer Support company I trust implicitly

I often travel around the country with a laptop that contains client information, inventory, and essential business data. I’m an international buyer & wholesaler of estates and often times I enter information critical to my business while traveling. I was always anxious to get back to the office quickly – worried that my computer might crash or worse, may possibly get stolen before I could perform a manual backup and store it safely offsite.

A few years ago I started using Blueclone’s managed online backup service. The constant nervous feeling is gone and now I have peace of mind while traveling around the country, in hotels, airports, and foreign cites knowing all my data is safe. I’ve since used Blueclone exclusively for computer support. These guys changed the way my business uses computers and gained our utmost trust. There are times when they have been in my store with hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry laying around to be inventoried and we let them work with our backs turned, even leaving the showroom with no hesitation. If you need computer help in the Philly area, I highly recommend checking them out.

Mampe & Co | Philadelphia, PA

Unparalleled Cloud & VoIP Services

As a national mortgage lender, our phone and computers are the lifeline of our operation. We were introduced to Blueclone Networks through another business relationship, after struggling for many months with Verizon. Blueclone provided us with an unparalleled hosted PBX/VoIP solution, customized to work within our price range. The service is simply amazing providing us with enterprise features that we thought were impossible for non-enterprise, and for 60% less than Verizon. My employees can answer, transfer, and conference calls from their home as if they were in the office down the hall. Our voice mails are instantly sent to us via email so we never miss an important message. A few of us even dared to enable the follow-me feature which rings our desk & mobile phone simultaneously so we can take calls on the go!

Without their knowledge, expertise, and customer service, we would still be paying Verizon triple the cost for a third of the service!! We love Blueclone Networks!

Branch Manager

Blueclone allows me to focus on my work

With over 14 years in the Pharma industry, including my previous position as Director at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, I’ve had the luxury of being supported by some pretty large IT departments with what seemed like limitless resources. The demanding nature of my positions require that I work smart – efficiently and quickly. I simply can’t afford to think about computer problems or losing data.

Blueclone Networks allows me to do this consistently – without the worry. Their service makes me feel as if I still have access to my own Enterprise class help desk but with much faster, personalized service. They have been managing our IT needs since the inception of the company, including email & systems management, online data storage, data recovery, and computer support. Their virtual IT department is excellent and a pleasure to work with. Blueclone has allowed our company to save tens of thousands of dollars every year since we don’t have to bring dedicated IT staff on board. We have yet to have a computer problem that Blueclone has not quickly resolved for us!

VP Strategic Planning & Alliance
Abeille Pharmaceuticals | Plainsboro, NJ

Excellent Service Quality & Project Management

I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with the president of Blueclone Networks as well numerous members of his staff on various projects, including data recovery of highly sensitive information. My internal business partners and I are extremely satisfied with the relationship, project progress, and quality of work that Blueclone delivers.

Milan and his team bring a positive attitude and have a unique ability to break down complex business principles into simple, cost effective solutions. The Blueclone approach to customer service and professionalism are phenomenal. I highly recommend any of Blueclone’s offerings.

Sourcing Manager
Johnson & Johnson | New Brunswick, NJ

Solid adviser with creative ideas & secure cloud services

We were without a backup system and our website was outdated. Our non-profit organization needed a Computer Service that could manage our Computer Systems, Offsite Backup, E-mail, and Website development.

The ultimate decision, and the best money we’ve spent, was to contract with Blueclone Networks. Our critical data is backed up securely and automatically. Their Remote Support service is fast, economical and convenient. Their hosted email service allowed for us to utilize the cloud for easy, worldwide access to our email system. Our website has been improved dramatically and was programmed in multiple languages for a broader, international audience.

We highly recommend Blueclone over any Computer Service for SMB. They made it possible for our non-profit to have the IT Systems we needed in place without the hardware investment, capital expense, or an internal IT department. We’ve used them since the inception of our organization and I’ve personally used them for over 9 years.

Co-Founder & Chair
Village Energy Project | New York, NY

Blueclone quickly understood our business process

Since taking over the family business one of my first goals was to improve our technology systems. As a small business without dedicated IT personnel we needed to call in some experts. When a trusted employee had recommended Blueclone Networks in Princeton NJ I thought he was foolish. “They are almost 3 hours away, why wouldn’t we use a closer company”, I asked? He insisted I at least give them a call because he used them before, so I did. After a 20 minute call we scheduled an onsite audit a week later.

From the moment they walked in the door we were all impressed. These guys were extremely knowledgeable and understood our business within a few minutes of interviewing us. They recommended we upgrade our Ethernet wiring, install a firewall, replace a few computers, and make a few minor changes. We proceeded with all their suggestions and we can’t be more happier.

Our network is lightning fast and it’s the most reliable it’s ever been! My staff can work from home when needed and securely access their computers as if they were sitting in the office – and without paying a monthly service. Our internet is much quicker and the way we work, transfer files, print, and collaborate has changed the way we do business. If we have issues, need help, or have questions, Blueclone can log right onto our computers and help or make firewall changes on the spot.

Blueclone took the time to properly understand our business processes then solved our computer issues and put together a network that performs perfectly for us. We highly recommend Blueclone to any budget minded small business looking for computer support and improving of systems.

Whitbeck Insurance Agency | Clarks Summit, PA

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