Cyber insurance 101

Cyber insurance 101What is cyber insuranceWith cybercrime becoming a major threat to businesses across the world, irrespective of their size, cyber insurance is fast becoming a necessity more of a necessity than a choice. However, the concept of cyber insurance is still fairly new and not many SMBs are aware of its benefits.

4 things to consider before starting a WFH initiative

4 things to consider before starting a WFH initiative

In our last blog, we talked about 5 things to plan and analyze before you initiate a WFH policy. In this blog, we address four interrelated issues that need careful consideration.

Equipment - It should be outlined what equipment and utilities employers and employees are responsible for providing and maintaining.

Implementing work from Home: Planning Matters

Implementing work from Home: Planning Matters

Work From Home, also commonly known as telecommuting, is a fairly general term that encompasses a range of workplace policies. Most generally, it refers to a policy permitting an employee to work from home (or any other approved remote location-the range of acceptable locations will differ depending on the organization’s policies). Beyond that WFH may or not be restrictive regarding working hours, breaks, equipment used, etc.

Why we still worry about Work from Home policies

Why we still worry about Work from Home policies

If you have been in the workplace for a few decades, you may remember that the idea of telecommuting began to appear in the late 90’s as Internet access from home began to become more common. Telecommuting was often poorly received, as it carried the onus of being a “trick” to avoid working a full 8 hours.

Blueclone Networks Jingle

Princeton, NJ - April 3, 2020 - Official New Jersey Computer Support Company Jingle Released

Over the past several weeks the COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruption, filled our inboxes with COVID-19 data, and flooded social media with businesses trying to capitalize on hard times.

Coronavirus Disease – COVID-19 hits Mercer County NJ | Be Aware of Scams

Princeton, NJ - March 10, 2020 (Updated from March 06) - COVID 19 (aka Corna Virus) case confirmed in Bucks County, PA.  Presumptive Positive Cornonavirus in Princeton, NJ & Robbinsville, NJ.  For the lastest updates on this post, scroll down

An asymptomatic person from out of state who had exposed multiple children and staff in a Bucks County, PA school was later confirmed to have Coronvavirus (reported by NBC Philadelphia).  Central Bucks county is adjacent to Mercer County, NJ and a neighbor of the Princeton, NJ community.

Our CEO Releases Cybersecurity Book

Princeton, NJ - September 12, 2019 - CEO Milan Baria's book on Cybersecurity launches today on Amazon

Our CEO along with 14 of the top security minds in the IT industry publish a collaborative book around the crucial topic of cybersecurity.  YOU Are the #1 Target officially launches September 12th, 2019 and is now available on Amazon.