Managed IT Services – Server Care + Monitoring + Server Support

Comprehensive Maintenance, Remote Support & Help Desk Service for Business

Eliminate server downtime, network outages, server frustrations and annoyances. Get your servers running at their peak, extend hardware operating life, lock down your network, enhance security, and protect your company’s information.

You’ve already invested thousands on your Server(s) so why not keep them running the way they are supposed to be. It may be a huge and expensive undertaking to do for small and medium organizations, but with a Server Care Plan from Blueclone you can accomplish this easily and without wasting money on hourly IT consultants or continuous technical training for internal IT staff. From simple File Servers, Email Servers and Web Servers to complicated Database Servers and proprietary Application Servers, Blueclone can help.

Each of your servers, and all the services they run need to be watched closely. There are of thousands of server alerts that a typical server can display in just one day. Not only do you need to keep a close watch, you need to decipher and act appropriately on those alerts (preferably as soon as they arise). If you don’t have, or can’t afford the dedicated computer staff (certified & trained) or simply want to reduce costs and wasted time associated with running in-house servers, then a Server Care Plan is perfect for you.

Your servers will be monitored 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. You’ll have over 625 computer experts that are certified in a wide array of specialties and applications, that work together as your server team to keep you servers running at their peak. The Critical Monitoring & Remediation Team can proactively fix your server or act upon system alerts they arise and remotely fix it even if in the middle of the night, often before you even know there is an issue. All of the routine maintenance and security patches will be done for you.