Massive Cyber Attack | DDoS DNS Server Attack

Princeton, NJ – October 21, 2016  – Large scale DDoS attack to US DNS Servers


Today there were numerous reports of websites, services, machines, and phone systems working slow, incorrectly, or not at all.   The problem appears to have stemmed from a large-scale DDoS attack.  The October 21 2016 DDoS attack falls just before the 2016 Election.  Technical issue, Russian attack, or Political Conspiracy?  Perhaps an attempt to block the American public from reading the leaked Wikileaks email of Hillary Clinton… Who knows?  What we do know is that the internet can be very fragile and today more than ever, it’s important to stay vigilant ensuring your business and personal computers and server, down to your personal phones, computers, and internet connected appliances and properly protected and secured.

Today a major DNS provider “DYN” was attacked with what appears to be a large-scale DDoS attack on their servers.  The very same servers affected over 30% of the internet connectivity in the United States today.  A DDOS attack short for Distributed Denial of Service attack is nothing new but the services and systems that can be attacked using such methods can make a huge impact as many frustrated users experienced on 10/21/2016.

As we learn more concrete information about the attack and the perpetrators, we’ll update you here.


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