Office 365 Down | Is Office 365 Email Not Working

Princeton, NJ – June 30, 2016 (11:57AM EST | Updated below) – Microsoft Office 365 customers having issues.


We have received several reports of Office 365 email issues.  Blueclone clients who have hosted email through Blueclone are put on Hosted Exchange Servers, not Office 365 so your service is not directly affected.  If you are having trouble sending to certain users using Office 365 or not receiving messages on time, it’s unrelated to your service with Blueclone.

Although Office 365 hasn’t officially reported an issue as of yet (11:57AM), many third party sites such as Down Detector indicate many Office 365 issues at the time of this notification.



As of 1:34P users on many social media sites are reporting issues sending email and receiving email via Office 365 accounts.  The issue appears to be wide-spread in the North East United States, including the NJ & NY area.

As of 2:36P the issue has been reported by Microsoft through the O365 Portal (as of noon time) who narrowed the problem to their Exchange Online Protection service.  They have apparently restarted the services which caused “degraded message filtering” and “message transport delays”.  As of 1:23P EST Microsoft completed the restart of services and “reverted a recent update which may have caused the service to operate below expected threshold”.

As of 4:13P the issue seems to be ongoing.  The issue is also being heavily reported in some areas of the West Coast as well publicly by some large enterprise, hospitals and universities (including users at University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh & Stanford University).

As of 7:44P the Office 365 slowness seems to be much better at this point.  Queued messages are still rolling in but the cause of the issue seems to be controlled at this point.



As of 3:00P EST we were getting some reports that O365 users are slowly beginning to receive emails and send email without getting NDR reports (bounce back messages).  There are still many reports of being completely down.  As there are likely hundreds of thousands of messages queued or stuck, we believe it could be several hours before things get better.

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