Microsoft Hosted Exchange Server – Cloud Exchange Email Service & Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Access Your Email and Outlook Data from Anywhere in the World, at Anytime

Blueclone’s Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server is an integrated solution for managing many aspects of your business using Microsoft’s widely familiar Outlook desktop application. Our Cloud based Exchange Server joins the data from various devices including desktops and smartphones, synchronizing your vital business information so it’s always current and available to you no matter where you are. Since all the data in your Outlook mailbox such as contacts, messages and calendars, are stored centrally on our Cloud based Exchange Servers, employees can use multiple devices to fully access their entire mailbox which seamlessly synchronizes across devices and platforms – automatically, in real-time.

So an employee can use Outlook while in the office, their smartphone while traveling, and Outlook Web Access from their home PC, all without ever having to worry about manually synchronizing e-mails, contacts, tasks, calendars, public folders, or appointments!

What will Exchange Mail do for me?

Calendar Sharing:
Blueclone’s Hosted Exchange offers abundant features for corporate, personal, group & resource scheduling that integrate with your business email, contacts and tasks. Employees can share their calendar and view multiple colleague calendars concurrently and send meeting requests for times that are open for all parties. Recipients can accept, decline, propose a different time, or have the meeting automatically entered in their calendars based on times that are available on everyone’s calenders.

Share Contacts:
Blueclone’s Hosted Exchange allows your business to have a central company directory in one central location that your entire organization can share. Contacts can be accessed from all versions of Office Outlook. In addition, central distribution lists can simplify communication between groups, departments or customer lists.

Joint Task Management:
Although the task list in our Hosted Exchange service simplifies creating and assigning tasks, it can be combined with email notification and scheduling for business with advanced users. Track task progress real time as it moves from active, to complete, to overdue – while managing project status via several organizing measures such as the responsible employees and task type.

Text Search:
Hosted Exchange allows you to searching email and remote files easily and fast.

Enhanced Security:
Blueclone’s Hosted Exchange service includes an assortment of safety and privacy features at the server (entire organization) and individual (mailbox) level.

Blueclone’s Hosted Exchange Server is all about Collaboration, on a budget

As Exchange has increasingly gained in popularity, Microsoft has constantly added new features and functionality to bring more value. Since this has amplified the complexity of the software, IT consultants & internal staff find they spend more and more time maintaining on-site servers, especially when installing upgrades and troubleshooting new features.

This development has given more and more companies compelling reason to outsource their Exchange Server to companies like Blueclone that have the expertise, and focus on maintaining Exchange Servers. Forget about capital expenses for hardware and infrastructure as well as the HVAC, training, personnel and energy costs – plus you’ll get the latest updates and solid hardware, all included.