Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) – Blackberry Mobile Email Service

Exchange Integrated Blackberry Server

Our Hosted BlackBerry Service combines advanced BlackBerry smartphone features, functionality, and security into an enterprise like solution that’s completely managed for your business – by Blueclone Networks. Whether your email server is in-house, out-sourced or hosted, you can still enjoy many of the benefits of a hosted BlackBerry Server through Blueclone’s BlackBerry Server (BES) Cloud Services.

You’ll get full wireless synchronization with access to emails, calendar, internet, and many other applications, so you can focus on your growing business – not your IT environment. Now your small or medium sized business can unleash the full power of Blackberry smartphones without purchasing server hardware or software, simply by connecting with Blueclone’s Hosted Blackberry service.


Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) Features

Two-way wireless synchronization:
Inbox, sent Items, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes.

Full wireless synchronization of email with advanced searching:
Inbox, sent items & deleted items, read/unread status, and filing of emails can all be executed from your BlackBerry. Searching of your entire mailbox can be completed quickly and easily right from your BlackBerry – just as if you were at the office.

Review attached files:
Widely used formats like Word, Excel & PowerPoint, as well as Adobe PDF, ASCII, Word Perfect, ZIP and photos can be viewed directly from your BlackBerry.

Control settings remotely:
Adjust settings directly from your BlackBerry.

Data forwarding:
Forget about having to leave your desktop on and logged in so that BlackBerry Redirection can forward email from your office PC. Our servers forward data directly to your handheld, automatically so no desktop software is needed.

Sent and read emails:
Automatically syncs status between your BlackBerry, Outlook, and OWA so everything is always up to date, instantly.

Support for media files:
Files such as JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG and TIFF can be manipulated with the zoom, pan and rotate features. Photos embedded within Word and PDF files are also supported.

Settings management:
Wirelessly set and manage your out-of-office attendant (auto-reply), change email filters and update your auto-signature.

Wireless activation and provisioning:
Activate your device wirelessly without having to give your Blackberry to your IT department or consultant.

Data encryption:
Blackberry server will encrypt and decrypt all incoming and outgoing data and emails to ensure the highest level of wireless security.

3rd party applications:
Use 3rd party applications from BlackBerry via the Mobile Data Service (MDS) (i.e., IM, CRM, scheduling & custom applications).