Major Internet Outage in NJ and Across the Nation

Princeton, NJ – June 29, 2018 (2:02P)  – Major Internet Connectivity issues reported in New Jersey and across the US

Beginning just before noon a handful of complaints about Comcast Internet service started to grow to over 11,000 customers complaining around by 2:00P EST.  From full internet down reports to intermittent connectivity, flooded Comcast phone lines crashing their customer service queue today.  According to Down Detector, NJ and surrounding states were hit the hardest along with areas across the nation including California, Washington, Atlanta, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida.

Comcast appears to have the largest internet outage right now however companies that use Comcast for upstream services are also taking a hit if they rely on Comcast’s Internet Backbone.  Other giants such as Verizon, Spectrum and AT&T are also showing spikes in internet connectivity support calls.  These calls maybe related to the Comcast outage if those customers are trying to reach services hosted on the Comcast network.

The Outage is not only affecting web browsing, but other services such as email, file sharing, Office 365, and really any cloud service that relies on the internet despite who your ISP may be.  So non-Comcast customers are likely having intermittent issues as well.  We have not see an official statement from Comcast on the cause or ETA to full resolution at the time of this this writing.

3:22P Update: Comcast confirms massive outage

“One of Comcast’s large backbone network partners had a fibre cut that we believe is also impacting other providers,” it said in a statement.  A backbone provider is an organization that ISPs such as Comcast partner with – utilizing their “Main Internet Lines” to provide business and residential customers internet service.


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