Voice IP Service NJ

Internet-based systems that make voice communication easier, more reliable, and more affordable

Unlike the older Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), Voice over IP (VoIP) Communication from Blueclone utilizes the internet for more efficient, dynamic, and affordable voice and video calling. You won’t need to pay the telephone company to connect to the network, or deal with the long distance challenges of the PSTN.

Cloud-based telecom systems and services from Blueclone can be customized to your needs to transform your communications, no matter the size of your organization, the industry, or the number and location of office and workers. You’ll enjoy enterprise-grade solutions that cut costs and deliver advanced features for improved operational efficiency and better business outcomes.

No matter your current type of telephony, we have a solution that can enhance your business communication

Hosted VoIP Service (Virtual PBX)

Feature-rich, cloud-based phone systems hosted and managed by Blueclone

On-Site PBX Systems

Not sure a virtual PBX is right for your business, but still want the advantages of VoIP technology? No problem!

Blueclone offers managed, on-site hardware and IP technology solutions. You’ll get significant cost savings, advanced call routing, and extensive call center operations that can be managed remotely without a dedicated staff constantly monitoring voice operations.

Contact Blueclone and we'll discuss how an on-site VoIP PBX could meet your needs.


IP Gateway & Dial Tone Service

IP Dial Tone service and all the advanced features, integrated into any kind of existing legacy phone system

Blueclone’s SIP business trunking services enables IP communications between enterprise PBX and the PSTN. You’ll get the capabilities of a cloud-based phone system, like SMS, voicemail-to-email transcription, e-faxing, and CRM/Desktop integration, without having to completely transition to a hosted solution.

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