Managed Cloud Backup – CloneAgent Pro for Servers

We recognize that intelligent individuals like yourself already know the importance of protecting and backing up business and personal data – that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? Blueclone specializes in remote backup and business continuity, primarily focused on the preservation of business & personal information. Many companies offer online backup, but very few have the technical capacity to help your business use that restored data.

Companies are constantly losing data for many reasons including hardware failure, viruses, system crashes, failed hard disks, employee sabotage, theft, tape & drive failure, natural disasters, are much more. Data loss in the US only costs businesses over $11 Billion annually and 43% of business with major computer data loss NEVER REOPEN again. Fifty-one percent (51%) of companies that have had major computer data loss shutdown within 2 years.

Our easy to use software, CloneAgent Pro, provides a fast, automated, and secure way to protect your data. It’s engine has gone through years of R&D, testing and field use. Using your existing Internet connection and CloneAgent Pro, you can begin cloning your data within minutes to our highly sophisticated data bank, fully encrypted before it even leaves your server, desktop, or laptop. Our online backup service uses a fully digital, disk-based system that far exceeds traditional methods of backup. Options include daily backups for workstations and laptops as well as comprehensive protection for business servers and applications. From single, personal home PC data files to complex business databases such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL, we have you protected.

Online Remote Backup using CloneAgent Pro verses Internal Tape Backup

We provide advanced infrastructure dedicated to storing and protecting your encrypted data. These systems are supported by a dedicated team of experts who spend an immense amount of time maintaining, upgrading, and securing these systems as well as training continuously. For most organizations, this is way too expensive and far from cost effective to execute internally, even if an in-house Information Technology department exists. Online backup is much safer – think about it, there are no tapes to change, lose, or get stolen. In fact Gartner estimates that over 70% of all tape restores fail. Forget about traveling to a bank vault or another location to pickup a tape that may take hours or even days to restore, only to find out it has become corrupted and/or the data is irretrievable!

  • Costs less than traditional methods
  • Much more Secure & Efficient
  • Hassle-Free
  • Internal facilities, staff & security not required
  • Completely Automated
  • Restore in minutes instead of hours or days
  • Better Compliance
  • Reduced downtime
  • Data is offsite immediately and automatically
  • Multiple versions of files (snapshots) are saved

You’re probably wondering if your data is safe and who has access, right? Well you can rest assured because CloneAgent Pro has multiple encryption method options, and a security key feature which limits data access explicitly to key holders. Not even Blueclone can access your data without this key. Your data is encrypted by CloneAgent Pro, on your system, before it’s transmitted and cloned to our systems