Hosted Microsoft SharePoint Foundation – SharePoint in the Cloud

What is Microsoft SharePoint Foundation?

Microsoft SharePoint Foundation is an integrated suite of server functionality that can help improve structural value by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise-wide search, accelerating shared business processes, and assisting information-sharing across your business for better insight. Whether you collaborate with co-workers across the city or with vendors in other countries, Blueclone’s hosted Microsoft SharePoint Foundation service (formally Windows SharePoint Services) lets you compare notes, share schedules, and collaborate on virtually any type of file. Our Hosted Windows SharePoint Foundation service makes it simple to introduce and maintain intranets, web sites, bulletin boards, and media libraries. Improve project organization with shared calendars and issue tracking. You can access vital documents from any internet browser from anywhere at any time.

Blueclone’s hosted SharePoint services

Immediate Benefits

  • Enables creation of internet sites for data sharing & file collaboration; benefits that increase group productivity
  • Serves as a platform for application development
  • Provides team services and sites to Microsoft Office applications and other desktop programs
  • Includes such IT resources as portals, team workspaces, email, presence awareness, and Web-based conferencing
  • Enables users to locate & connect to distributed information quickly & efficiently, work with others more productively

Group Collaboration Features

Microsoft Office System Integration:
Deep integration with Microsoft Office System programs allows teams to collaborate using the familiar tools they use every day.

Document Collaboration:
Document workspace sites created using Microsoft Office Word 2010 take advantage of platform features by providing a document collaboration space.

Check-in and Check-out:
Documents can be reserved by individual users for updating purposes.

Document Versions:
Document changes are tracked and assigned different version numbers for auditing and rollback.

Browser-Based Customization:
Changes can be made in a Web browser by dragging Web Parts onto personal or public pages, and then customizing them. Themes can also be applied using a browser.

Team Community
SharePoint sites provide places to capture and share ideas, information, communication, and documents. The sites facilitate team participation in discussions, shared document collaboration, and surveys. Site content is accessible from both a Web browser and through clients that support Web Services. The document collaboration features allow for easy check in, check out, and document version control.

Individual Empowerment
SharePoint site members can find and communicate with key contacts and experts, both by email and with instant messaging. Site content can be easily searched, and users can also receive alerts to tell them when existing documents and information have been changed, or when new information or documents have been added. Site content and layout can be personalized on a per-user basis, and Web Parts can be used to present targeted information to specific users on precise topics. Microsoft Office System programs use SharePoint site content. All of a site’s collaborative content (for example, documents, lists, events, task assignments, and membership rosters) can be read and edited within Microsoft Office Word 2010, Microsoft Office Excel 2010, and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010. Picture editing of Web-based photo libraries is also possible. Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 allows SharePoint site event calendars to be viewed side-by-side with personal calendars, and it also creates meeting-specific workspaces to augment group appointments.

Management Enabler
SharePoint site managers can customize the content and layout of sites to ensure that site members can access and work with important and relevant information. Members’ participation can also be monitored and moderated when necessary. Security and task responsibilities are both flexible and easily accessible. Well-designed lists and entire sites can be saved as templates and reused by individuals, teams, or business units across an organization.

Microsoft SharePoint Application Templates
We are now offering application templates for use with the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. These templates have been designed to make customizing SharePoint very easy. No matter what business process you are looking to streamline, from vacation requests to marketing project work-spaces, there is an application template for it.