Dedicated Exchange Server Hosting – Exclusive Exchange Server in the Cloud

Blueclone Networks offers the highest uptime guarantee in the industry: 100%. Can your internal staff or existing email provider offer this kind of Service Level Agreement (SLA) and also have met it for the past 12 months? Your probably already aware that email is no longer a luxury and has become increasingly more important than the telephone. We understand that email downtime results in financial losses for our customers so we have designed and implemented an enterprise-level infrastructure available to you for much less than you might think.


Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting (vs. Shared Hosting):

  1. No effect from other users’ load on same server – a dedicated server is just for your company
  2. Much greater storage space at lower prices
  3. Additional granular control of user access & mailbox limits using policies;

Your designated Exchange administrator can classify groups of users into policies, which lets him/her change disk space and access levels very quickly by just making changes to the policy and not users individually. For example, by creating policies, POP3/IMAP/OWA/ActiveSync features can be restricted for users.

All Blueclone Managed Dedicated Exchange Servers include:

  1. 100% SLA – Guaranteed!
  2. No bandwidth charges or limits
  3. 24x7x365 server & application monitoring
  4. Mailbox size up to 15 GB
  5. Free upgrades to future versions of Exchange server
  6. Backups: Full backups performed every day
  7. No cost, included license and download of Outlook 2007 or 2003, and Entourage 2008 for each mailbox
  8. Remote user VPN access
  9. Connect via: Outlook MAPI/Outlook Web Access/RPC over HTTP/IMAP/POP3/SMTP
  10. Mobility: full ActiveSync and Outlook Web Access
  11. Web-based Control Panel to manage users, groups, etc. allowing delegation of administration to multiple admins
  12. All software licensing fees, including Anti virus, Backup, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Exchange Server
  13. Fully managed and maintained by Microsoft Exchange experts
  14. All regular maintenance: Microsoft Windows & Microsoft Exchange updates
  15. Secured behind managed firewalls
  16. Tier-4 Data center – redundant power & connectivity. Same data center is used by Fleet Bank & Fidelity Investments

Blueclone’s Unique Features:

  1. 100% up-time SLA on all dedicated Exchange Servers!
  2. Scanning of emails via 2 anti virus engines, updated hourly for latest definition files
  3. Backup MX mail server on geographically diverse location
  4. Use of “policies” to easily manage large numbers of users and control limits, access, etc.
  5. Migration via split-domain, which lets you share two mail servers for your one domain and migrate over days/weeks
  6. Custom applications monitor Exchange servers at application layer to detect issues before becoming problems
  7. Use your own unique usernames/email addresses – no conflicts with other customers’ usernames
  8. Custom-built platform – reliable, scalable, and secure

Blueclone’s Dedicated Exchange Server solution is co-located at Internap, a Tier-4 facility – offering redundancy via 4 major backbones, a double power grid, diesel generator power back-up and security monitoring – enterprise-level infrastructure just not affordable in most corporate environments. With round-the-clock server monitoring for performance and security, Blueclone ensures a 99.9% uptime guarantee for shared and a 100% uptime guarantee for dedicated servers. Protecting customers from the most critical security problem, Blueclone utilizes multiple anti virus engines, updated hourly to provide the latest protection. Spam filters are used at both the server and client level to keep email free of clutter.