Business SIP Trunking – IP Gateway Hardware & Dial Tone Service

We can deliver Dial Tone to any existing legacy phone system. Our Business SIP Trunking delivers dynamic bandwidth management and flexibility to provide more advanced services such as unified messaging and auto attendant.

What is SIP Trunking? In the past all phone calls went over a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and businesses would purchase “trunks” which is a dedicated line or a bundle of circuits from their phone company to connect to a PBX. Today, we use “IP trunking” which gives carriers an IP connection to PBX’s. It allows organizations to use a single broadband connection for both voice and data traffic, eliminating the need for dedicated trunk facilities. This lowers telephony costs, and greatly improves the communications experience for users.

Blueclone SIP Business Trunking allows IP communications between enterprise PBX and the PSTN. A trunk includes multiple voice sessions, depending on the enterprise needs. SIP Trunking allows real-time communications like Instant Messaging, Mobility, Network Presence, Voicemail delivery, and CRM/Desktop integration.

Our IP Dial Tone connects existing, legacy CPE such as an IP-PBX, PBX or Key Telephone System to our service over any form of IP connectivity. Blueclone’s internet Dial Tone delivers the benefits of IP without requiring you to completely transition to a fully hosted solution.

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