On-Premise PBX System – Onsite PBX Hardware

Today many companies are looking into Voice over IP (VoIP) PBX systems to reduce costs and maintenance associated with antiquated systems. The transition to a modern VoIP PBX phone system requires a lot of analysis and planning. One of the first major decisions that usually arises is whether to purchase a premise based VoIP PBX phone system or to use a Cloud Phone System (Virtual PBX). There are excellent arguments for both solutions, including quality, reliability, cost, and business continuity. Blueclone’s experts can help you determine what solution is best for your company.

In addition to hosted VoIP service, Blueclone also offers managed, on-site solutions for those businesses that still desire to get the advantages of IP technology but want to locate their phone system on premise. A VoIP PBX phone system allows companies to do a LOT more with less and realize tremendous improvements in productivity at decreased costs. Our onsite VoIP PBX systems can achieve tremendous cost savings and still be managed remotely allowing your business to have advanced call routing and extensive Call Center operations without a staff dedicated to constant monitoring and maintaining voice operations.


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