Cloud Phone Service – Hosted IP-PBX Broadband Phone & Virtual PBX

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology allows additional features beyond simple telephone calling including conferencing, call transferring, call forwarding, and the ability to have one phone number that rings on multiple devices so you won’t miss a call. Such services used to be available to businesses primarily through Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telephony systems, which can be expensive and complex.

Our Hosted VoIP PBX service is revolutionizing the way businesses communicate. A hosted phone system can save you up to 80% or more over the cost of a typical “Big Company” PBX system; and up to 50% every month on your telecom charges. Hosted VoIP PBX, also known as Virtual PBX, is a great way to significantly reduce your capital costs when purchasing a new phone system. Our state of the art VoIP platform uses the power of the internet to deliver reliable next-generation voice service that handles management of your phones, local and long distance calling, voicemail, and conferencing. By letting Blueclone “host” and manage your VoIP phone system we can offer you the same features of IP PBX systems costing tens of thousands for pennies on the dollar.

Our hosted VoIP service is not only for the private sector. Through our authorized partners, we can provide the same exceptional service to municipalities and government. Many government agencies in NJ & NY are already saving huge dollars using this service.

Blueclone is different from most other hosted PBX providers. We are a full service Information Technology company that can provide support in many areas of your business, and every step of the way when switching or upgrading to VoIP service. We recognize that your calls are important and vital to your business. Our phone service provides you with a carrier-class, fully redundant, fault tolerant network – backed by 24/7/365 support.

Lower Capital Investment

Since you’ll be using a hosted infrastructure, start-up costs for our Hosted PBX service are substantially lower than purchasing a phone system, like key systems, traditional PBX’s or IP PBX’s.


Of course, Blueclone offers a wide range of Business Oriented Features can be configured to meet your needs and optional customization and integration options.


With our Hosted PBX service, you can buy the exact number of lines that are needed, and readily add or remove lines. In contrast, when you remove a station from a PBX, there is no cost savings, since the equipment was already purchased. Also, when adding stations to a PBX, there are costs not only for the line cards, but periodically for new common equipment, like shelves to accommodate the line cards.


One of our great features is that as we continue to upgrade our services and features, you will have the ability to access these new services without purchasing any additional hardware. This includes not only the major evolutionary upgrades, like from analog to IP, but also more mundane upgrades, like installing a new switch generic which offers more features.

Operation, Maintenance & Monitoring

We are responsible for the day-to-day operations and maintenance of your Hosted PBX. This includes adding new lines and changing faulty components. With a PBX, you would be responsible for these functions, as well as keeping an inventory of spare parts. The VoIP network is monitored 24 x 7 and NOC immediately responds to alarms and equipment failures.


We are responsible for installing and configuring the service onto your existing network infrastructure. Adding phones or changing service is a snap. Blueclone will help you design and guide your business to develop the most efficient call routing and auto attendant features so that you phone system does the work before you even pickup the phone.

Standardized Equipment

With Blueclone’s Hosted PBX you can use any phone that uses the open standardized SIP protocol. This allows you to purchase brands from multiple telephone equipment suppliers. This competition drives down station equipment prices. In contrast, many PBX’s use proprietary station sets, and the customer can purchase only the station sets designed to work with a particular PBX. Since you are locked into a limited selection of telephones, PBX station prices are often higher than comparable VoIP station equipment.

Eliminate Floor Space

With Hosted PBX service, the infrastructure is located on our premises in a secure Data Center . In contrast, PBX and key system solutions are located on the customer premises. You must provide floor space for the equipment. You must also ensure that the room the equipment is in meets certain environmental requirements, such as air conditioning, humidity, and fire protection.

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