Voice over IP (VoIP) – Cloud based Voice Communication Systems

IP Communication from from Blueclone is a powerful and exciting technology that allows for video and voice calling over a packet-based network providing dramatic cost savings as well as new functionality compared to the older Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). IP Communication is more efficient and much less subject to distance issues versus a PSTN, a major reason why voice over IP (VoIP) calls are so much cheaper than PSTN calls. The Internet is essentially globally maintained, whereas phone systems are implemented and maintained by individual governments & corporations. So while your business and your telephone company need to pay for the right to use a remote phone system to connect, there is no such need on the Internet with the right equipment and service.

Our phone & video systems are proven, resilient, converged communications platforms that add feature rich IP telephony and advanced enterprise class function to corporate local and wide area networks. Our business grade, scalable systems can efficiently serve the needs of users in small, medium, and large enterprise with multiple locations including home & remote offices as well as municipalities and government.

With proper planning, expert advice, and the right service, an IP Communication system can actually help you grow your business, save you money, and make your operation more efficient. And that’s an incredible return-on-investment to get from any technology.