As a national mortgage lender, our phone and computers are the lifeline of our operation. We were introduced to Blueclone Networks through another business relationship, after struggling for many months with Verizon. Blueclone provided us with an unparalleled hosted PBX/VoIP solution, customized to work within our price range. The service is simply amazing providing us with enterprise features that we thought were impossible for non-enterprise, and for 60% less than Verizon. My employees can answer, transfer, and conference calls from their home as if they were in the office down the hall. Our voice mails are instantly sent to us via email so we never miss an important message. A few of us even dared to enable the follow-me feature which rings our desk & mobile phone simultaneously so we can take calls on the go!

Without their knowledge, expertise, and customer service, we would still be paying Verizon triple the cost for a third of the service!! We love Blueclone Networks!