I often travel around the country with a laptop that contains client information, inventory, and essential business data. I’m an international buyer & wholesaler of estates and often times I enter information critical to my business while traveling. I was always anxious to get back to the office quickly – worried that my computer might crash or worse, may possibly get stolen before I could perform a manual backup and store it safely offsite.

A few years ago I started using Blueclone’s managed online backup service. The constant nervous feeling is gone and now I have peace of mind while traveling around the country, in hotels, airports, and foreign cites knowing all my data is safe. I’ve since used Blueclone exclusively for computer support. These guys changed the way my business uses computers and gained our utmost trust. There are times when they have been in my store with hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry laying around to be inventoried and we let them work with our backs turned, even leaving the showroom with no hesitation. If you need computer help in the Philly area, I highly recommend checking them out.