As a Telecom Professional, I’ve worked for some large publicly traded companies. During this time I’ve been introduced to many technology companies. Finding one to use personally proved to be difficult. There are so many to choose from in the central New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania area that it becomes overwhelming and hard to know who truly is an “expert”.

About 10 years ago my view changed. I was trying to access my office network from home. At the time my employer was a large enterprise so all of its IT support was handled onsite or over the phone if traveling. Between calling my company’s help desk, my ISP, and the manufacturer of my router for help, I became completely frustrated and upset. I turned to a client of mine for advice who was managing the IT department for an international pharmaceutical company. That’s how I became aware of Blueclone Networks. To my surprise they diagnosed the issue within 20 minutes of arriving. Turned out I had a defective router and my ISP was blocking some ports.

Since then I have used Blueclone Networks for several projects. Each time they tell me how long things will take, what will happen, and they deliver in a timely manner. I’m always fascinated with their overall professionalism whether they’re delivering services, scoping out the work, presenting their solutions, or during final implementation. I have 100% trust in Blueclone with my most essential and confidential IT needs. I have recommend Blueclone to my customers and will continue to do so.