I manage a business that works together with telecom, IT, and energy companies on a daily basis so I am very familiar with many computer support companies and consultants in the Philadelphia Metro area. Countless will claim that they are “the area’s expert”, “most trusted”, or “better than the other which is why it was hard to find one I that I could really trust with all my customer and financial data… but once I discovered Blueclone Networks my view changed. Blueclone easily showed me the value of their services and supported their claims with detailed reporting. I decided to give them a try and initially hired them to secure the data on my business computers.

I’m confident my systems are safe and I could not be happier. I never have to worry about lost data, virus attacks, or computer crashes. Blueclone’s offsite back-up service is high caliber, completely automatic, and provides Capable Communications with the reassurance that we will never lose client data with daily reporting. We’ve hired Blueclone for computer support needs, website development, cabling, and other IT initiatives. Their staff usually responds within minutes and they go out of their way to help us keep our business running smoothly. In fact, we like Blueclone so much we’ve made them one of our premier partners!