Our medical office had many technology issues including internet connectivity, server problems, slow computers, and firewall glitches. We often spent many hours a week troubleshooting, updating and attempting to get everything working right.

I turned to Blueclone Networks for help. They performed a comprehensive audit of my office. They reprogrammed our firewall, ran new Ethernet cabling, installed network storage, upgraded our phone service and cleaned up all our systems. They reduced our internet service costs over 60% at the same time increasing our speed over 500%. They reduced our phone bill 35% and migrated us to a full featured, hosted PBX system that provides enterprise phone features. They even provide wireless internet access for patients in our waiting room.

Our medical practice uses Blueclone’s Computer Management Services to ensure all our computers are protected, updated, remotely accessible and working their best. Blueclone monitors our systems 24/7 and provides incredible remote computer support. Their team is extremely knowledgeable, fast, and highly recommended. Now we enjoy stable systems, quick internet, and a lighting fast network. Best of all, we don’t have to worry and we’re not staying late any more due to computer problems. Without hesitation I highly recommend Blueclone Networks to any physician or medical office in the Princeton area.