When it comes to support of our computer systems, I was very skeptical of handing the responsibility to an outside company. It certainly made financial and operational sense as opposed to hiring dedicated staff but since I oversee a business that’s regulated by the FDA it’s risky for us to trust just any company. Our systems need to run smooth without downtime or “glitches” and when we need support, we can’t wait around for an IT guy to call us back at his convenience. So we chose Blueclone Networks.

Blueclone has delivered for many, many years the quality of service we demand and has given us peace of mind knowing our systems are constantly monitored and proactively maintained so we can focus on improving drugs, not computers. Their support team can always be reached when needed – a critical requirement for us. They’re quick to respond, very efficient, and extremely knowledgeable but most importantly – straightforward and downright honest! Blueclone enables us to consistently predict and keep our technology costs in line with our business year after year even as technology changes.