With over 14 years in the Pharma industry, including my previous position as Director at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, I’ve had the luxury of being supported by some pretty large IT departments with what seemed like limitless resources. The demanding nature of my positions require that I work smart – efficiently and quickly. I simply can’t afford to think about computer problems or losing data.

Blueclone Networks allows me to do this consistently – without the worry. Their service makes me feel as if I still have access to my own Enterprise class help desk but with much faster, personalized service. They have been managing our IT needs since the inception of the company, including email & systems management, online data storage, data recovery, and computer support. Their virtual IT department is excellent and a pleasure to work with. Blueclone has allowed our company to save tens of thousands of dollars every year since we don’t have to bring dedicated IT staff on board. We have yet to have a computer problem that Blueclone has not quickly resolved for us!