I’m an attorney, owner of The Virtual Law Firm which is located in Pennsylvania. Documents and email records related to my practice are contained within a notebook computer that I depend on to operate my firm. I simply can’t afford to lose my files as they are the life of my business. Backing up files, documents, and records, on a consistent basis is critical.

Blueclone Networks automatically encrypts, compresses, and backs my system up via the internet every day. So if (or when!) my computer crashes, all I have to do is replace the PC and then restore my files from Blueclone and I can go about my business. Blueclone allows me to focus on my practice without ever having to worry about losing critical data. I can even go back in time to different versions of a document that I’ve worked on – a very handy feature to have as an attorney! Blueclone is always courteous and considerate – and invaluable to the operation and longevity of my practice.