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The best computer support near Hamilton NJ hands down!

We depend on stable computer systems and technology so we simply can't afford downtime or slow running computers. We used to experience sluggish computers, internet problems, viruses, data loss, and Ethernet wiring problems. Blueclone visited our site, learned about our business, and made recommendations based on our conversation and a quick site audit. They cleaned [...]

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Saves us valuable time and makes us more efficient

Our business was experiencing constant computer problems. Many computer & network issues prevented us from printing, sharing resources, and working effectively. Blueclone Networks analyzed our network, quickly understood our business process, and offered recommendations and economical remediation paths that made sense for our business. They cleaned up our systems, performed upgrades, and solidified our network. [...]

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Changed our business without ever stepping on site

ICE Factor’s infrastructure and computer systems desperately needed an upgrade and without a dedicated employee to turn to we required the help of a consultant. After some research and a few recommendations, we turned to Blueclone Networks in Princeton, NJ. As a Chicago-based business, we were a hesitant at first working with a company out [...]

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Extremely fast. Technical expertise is top notch

As a law enforcement professional, I have absolute confidence in the technical response capabilities of Blueclone Networks. The speed of service and abilities of their technical know-how is second to none. solution was almost immediately forthcoming. Their understanding of the complexities in dealing with law enforcement is exceptional. Their willingness to “go the extra mile” [...]

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Blueclone allows me to focus on my work

With over 14 years in the Pharma industry, including my previous position as Director at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, I’ve had the luxury of being supported by some pretty large IT departments with what seemed like limitless resources. The demanding nature of my positions require that I work smart - efficiently and quickly. I [...]

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Unparalleled Cloud & VoIP Services

As a national mortgage lender, our phone and computers are the lifeline of our operation. We were introduced to Blueclone Networks through another business relationship, after struggling for many months with Verizon. Blueclone provided us with an unparalleled hosted PBX/VoIP solution, customized to work within our price range. The service is simply amazing providing us [...]

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Plays a critical part of our operation

When it comes to support of our computer systems, I was very skeptical of handing the responsibility to an outside company. It certainly made financial and operational sense as opposed to hiring dedicated staff but since I oversee a business that’s regulated by the FDA it’s risky for us to trust just any company. Our [...]

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Stands above the rest of NJ based IT companies

As a Telecom Professional, I’ve worked for some large publicly traded companies. During this time I’ve been introduced to many technology companies. Finding one to use personally proved to be difficult. There are so many to choose from in the central New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania area that it becomes overwhelming and hard to know [...]

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Excellent Service Quality & Project Management

I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with the president of Blueclone Networks as well numerous members of his staff on various projects, including data recovery of highly sensitive information. My internal business partners and I are extremely satisfied with the relationship, project progress, and quality of work that Blueclone delivers. Milan and his team [...]

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International Help Desk

Blueclone is truly a responsive computer support company with an excellent understanding of branding and profiling. They provide extraordinary technical competence mixed with creativity and business insight – which is rare and challenging to find. While my company is based in Europe, Blueclone’s virtual service desk appears as if they were just a few doors [...]

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