Many users are experiencing email bounce messages when sending to MX Logic protected email addresses OR users are not receiving messages if using MX Logic spam protection.  Around June 5th MX Logic had made a filter change that has caused this issue. MX Logic has had major issues since adjusting their filtering system.  The new filter is ahead of their whitelist, so even if an addresses is whitlisted it’s still being blocked.  The filter is blocking IP addresses that send more than 100 emails per day and then a block is placed.  Anyone using Blueclone’s Hosted Exchange Service protected with MX Logic is not affected as we have proactivity enabled the workaround below for each affected account.

MX Logic had provided the following workaround which disables the new filter.

1. Log on to the MX Logic Control Console

2. Select Email Protection

3. Select Policies

4. Highlight the desired inbound policy (generally Default Inbound) and click Edit

5. Click the Spam tab, this will default to the Classifications sub tab

6. Disable the checkbox for “Enable spam flood prevention”

7. Click Save

Please allow 20 minutes for full replication of the settings across our servers.