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Benefits of Exchange server

Access your email and much more - from Anywhere, at Any Time

Your access is not limited to only your inbox. Enjoy the benefit of complete access to every single e-mail folder, contact, calendar and task from any Outlook client or web browser (via OWA) - from anywhere in the world, at any time you need. You'll have unlimited ability to access public folders and shared resources. Users can access and update global address list(s), company-wide contacts in addition to personal address books(s).

Access your Outlook data, fully synchronized - in multiple convenient ways
  1. From any version of Microsoft Outlook - at home or in the office
  2. Via any web browser - continue to use your favorite internet browser(s)
  3. Through all popular smart phones including: BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm Treo & all Windows Mobile handheld's
  4. Two-way over-the-air wireless synchronization of email folders, contacts, calendar, notes & tasks

Get Your Tasks Accomplished & Increase Productivity
  1. Calendar Sharing - saves hours when scheduling meetings and puts everyone on the same page
  2. Delegation - assistants can manage other team members' mailboxes including calendars
  3. Public Folders - you can create separate folders for various projects, teams, departments or customers

Peace of Mind

For most businesses, email is the mission critical application that stores up to 70% of their business data. Temporary or permanent loss of email means lost productivity, lost customers, and lost revenue.

  1. Email Backups - we closely monitor server performance, routinely test and back up exchange data every day
  2. Off-Site Data Storage - if your PC or laptop is lost or stolen , you can easily recreate the entire mailbox on a new PC
  3. Server Maintenance - we handle all upgrades, security patches and routine maintenance
  4. Custom software - to make your hosted Exchange Server options more robust
  5. Continuous monitoring - we detect issues quickly and resolve them before they grow into problems


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